Christmas has passed and the New Year is looming.  This seems like an appropriate time to get back to blogging.  The year 2014 was somewhat a stressful year for us….one where we felt like we were struggling to keep up…kind of like  a gerbil running on one of those round treadmills in their cage. Running and running, but not getting anywhere.  A long hard winter gave way to some health issues with an older family member and then it was time to try to catch up on things that were neglected.   I am happy to report that our dear 86 year old WWII veteran conquered a bout with a severe bloody nose that landed him in the hospital, and the cracked rib and fractured hip, a result of a fall, while he was recuperating. He had a hard 4 month struggle, but came out on top. He still drives…..very well…. and is still in his own home.  I am thoroughly convinced that the moniker of “the greatest generation” is well deserved… and he is living proof.  At 15 yrs. old he enlisted in the Navy and served overseas during WWII.  He did not have an easy life as a youngster prior to enlisting either. He is the only remaining parent my husband and I have left.  We appreciate and cherish the time we have been able to spend with him, and the sacrifices he made to serve our country and help protect our freedom.

"Red" at our company Christmas Party with his girlfriend "Mae"
“Red” at our company Christmas Party with his girlfriend “Mae”

I think my words for the upcoming new year will be APPRECIATE and CHERISH.


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